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Clark Kent joined by Lois Lane!

Posted by merlintherook on February 5, 2012 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Lois was rescued from a "rook parliament" and taken to a wildlife sanctuary up on the Norfolk Coast. She is unable to fly so needed a home, and despite being a wild bird is coping very well with Clark's help.

We also have our first picture of Munchie...

(unless you count the one in UFC's; ed) a crow who was released last year to make her own way in the wild, but chose to continue living at The Rookery, out there around the wood & garden. She comes every day for lunch, but has been very hard to photograph as she is very quick to fly off when she sees a phone or camera!

We hope she'll find a mate and raise her crowlings in Rookery Wood this summer.

Clark Kent the Super Rook

Posted by merlintherook on September 4, 2011 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

So he IS a super hero!! Yes! Super Clarke Kent!


A very, pathetic little bundle was brought to me by a friend in May 2011. I had only been speaking to her a couple of days before about the high winds we were having and that I had rescued about 6 or 7 rooks already as their parents were not interested in feeding them if they fell to the ground. So when my friend saw a grounded rook  at The Old Place, Boston Road, Sleaford, she attempted to pick it up which proved to be easy as it was extremely disabled. I named him Clarke Kent immediately as I felt if I told him he was a superman enough, he would become one! And calling 'Clarke' might teach him to speak as well! He had no voice, just a cough/sneeze/gasp all in one. He really was having difficulty breathing. He had a drooping wing and the opposite leg was twisted, with the back toe pushed forward which caused him to limp terribly. He was filthy and had a crossed over beak. Top and bottom didn't meet so I knew he would have difficulty using it to forage in the future. When anyone peeped in his carrying box when I took him to work, they would back off when they saw what a state he was in and the awful noises he was making. He really was very off-putting. Even when the vet was handling him, I could see him trying to control his reaction.


Clarke had a lung infection and had a couple of strong anti-biotic doses along with a worming programme which stopped the noisy spluttering. At the same time his beak straightened and amazingly his back toe arranged itself in the correct position. Because of his joy in bathing, his feathers began to improve and I like to think the love and attention I gave him made him feel important. He had literally found his feet and began to strut about, pecking everything, including me, finding bits of treasure in the garden, as he was completely loose at this time. He could not fly and showed no interest whatsoever of straying away. And then he had some rook friends to stay while their carer was on holiday. They were rather aggressive towards him in the run, so I kept Clarke out, allowing him to just roam. But he bonded with them and they formed plans together, cleverly offering each other bits and pieces through the wire, especially sticks which were smartly put through sideways. It was amazing to watch. He also copied them by cawing loudly - he had found his voice at last. He was so lonely when they went, but he picked up because I was on holiday and spent lots of time with him. But it was then I realised that with Autumn approaching and no hope of having an aviary erected outside, he was doomed to many long days on his own in the house and I just couldn't bear the thought of it. I selfishly wanted to keep him. It's because I love him I phoned Jo Phillips and asked if she had any corvids needing a mate. She said she might have one, but if not, a Kookaburra might do!!!! And I will let Jo continue the story of the incredible Clarke Kent.........

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