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hi everyone

Posted by savalmandy on September 18, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello corvid friends, my name is Jasmine and I live with Magic's human.

Actually I live in her nest, I have the whole space to myself which is great because I can make a lot of mess, wander about all day and not get the slightest bit bored in here!!

i better tell you how I ended up here before I start chatting on. I was minding my own business with my parents. We had just made me second or third flight to the farm and i was getting the hang of things when a shadow went over me and I was grabbed by the wing! I was so scared, my parents were shouting and flapping and a pair of lapwings joined in the noise and commotion. I don't remember much but I was told that a sparrow hawk grabbed me for dinner! I just remember the pain in my wing and head and being lifted into the air by my wing feathers. It carried me halfway across the field but the lapwings and my parents harrassed it so much that it dropped me and thankfully the human had seen what happened and picked me up.

She says the damage to my wing was really bad, that she could see the bones and tendons and there wasn't much skin left there or on my head. She was very worried about infection and got me all cleaned up really quickly, banadaged up my wing, shoved some found down me and popped me in a box until the next day. Well the box didn't hold me long! By the next day i had got over the shock, was ready for more food and didn't like the bandage! Although i was really hungry i didn't know how to feed myself properly, well i was only a baby, so she had to feed me for a couple of days but I didn't like that much and soon learned how to feed myself. At that point She was still talking about releasing me when I was better and so She didn't put me in a cage so that i could learn all the natural stuff i would need when i went back to the wild.

Well the open wound had healed really, really well but unfortunately that hawk smashed one of the bones in my wing and I can't fly so i get to stay here forever but there is no way She is shoving me in a cage! She tries to tell me I don't need to stay in one all the time but I don't think I need to be in one at all thanks! I like my freedom too much. I really like jumping onto the bed and giving her a fright in the early morning! I was say on her shoulder when she woke this morning, mind you we both got a fright when she woke up and so I leapt off pretty quickly. She says there is a lovely rook in the other room and I can live him if i want but I am happy where i am right now. She says I need to get hand tame if I want to stay in the house so I take mealworms from her hand but I haven't decided if I really want to sit on her arm yet, we'll see how things go.

She says i am adorable and that I make her smile with my antics but really I am just busy playing with all the lovely stuff I find in here. I have a real appetite for knowledge you know, She doesn't agree and tells me that eating books is not good but i love the noise paper makes when you rip it. I like perching on the end of the bed, I get a good view out the window from there and can tease the cat when it's sat on the outside of the window sill, that is one of my favourite games. I like following her when she cleans up after me and pinch the roll of tissue, she always tries to get it back tho. I like stealing Her pens and her scrunchies and her jewellery, so many pretty things to play with in here that i don't think I need to go and live with the rook in the other room.

nice to meet you all and i will come back and chat to you all again sometime soon xx

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