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All at sea!!

Posted by merlintherook on April 4, 2011 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Maybe Merlins nest blew down in the gales of March 31st!

It was a flimsy structure about half the size of all the other nests, very high in the tree and therefore susceptible to wind damage.

New building has commenced in a safer spot, but they've been a bit half-hearted about it & we don't hold out much hope. (Well, mum doesnt but they dont seem to be doing too badly - josh).

On a more positive note, our first pair of swallows arrived back from Africa yesterday 2nd of  april & are merrily flitting around the stable planning their nesting spot for this year.

Below is a video of Maybe Merlin trying to put twigs back in the silly old, high up nest site!

Definitely Maybe

Posted by merlintherook on March 30, 2011 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Maybe Merlins Nest!

A Rather small nest has gone up in exactly the spot which maybe merlin and wife chose last year.

There has been a lot of squabbling and dismantling of twigs by neighbours, but the resident pair have now settled for the nest "as is" and seem to have moved on to the egg laying stage, with the male bird bringing food for the sitting hen.

Could this be our boy and his chosen one?

Definitely maybe!

(below is a small video clip of maybe merlin visiting the nest, giving some food to the hen and then flying away again)

Below is a photo of maybe merlin exiting the nest after feeding the hen...

Maybe Merlin; Reigny & Inkpen

Posted by merlintherook on June 13, 2010 at 8:02 AM Comments comments (4)

Maybe Merlin

In mid April a pair of rooks started trying to build a nest, needless to say all the other nests were already filled with nestlings!

Their site of choice was not the best being at the very top of a poplar tree above the other nests in that particular clump of trees, and daily their twigs were either blown away or removed by other birds, who were quite hostile.

Eventually they put in a magnificent effort with both birds fetching twigs all day, until by the evening the hen bird was able to sit in the nest.

Could this be Merlin and partner?

As he only left on March 17 he would not have had the opportunity for the long courtship I have read rooks and jackdaws normally have, which would explain the late building. Prior to his departure and before all the rooks had returned full time to the rookery I know that he was visited by a solitary rook on several occasions.

Whilst they were building Josh and I went out together and did a lot of calling, one bird left the nest site, and came gradually down to the lowest branches before returning to its mate, the strongest indication we have had that it may be Merlin.

 So far as I could make out, chicks did eventually hatch, as I observed some feeding, but I don't believe they survived, as the feeding became more and more sporadic. The male's efforts at bringing food were probably too irregular, another indication that it could be Merlin as he would probably find it quite a challenge to collect enough to feed a family. Hopefully they'll have better luck next year!

Reigny & Inkpen

"New rooks raised with silver spoon!"

Reigny came to us on 11th May and Inkpen,

 on the 24th of May. Reigny is named after the village of Newton Reigny in the lake district which is on the site of the famous caledonian forest which has now dissapeared. This is where Merlin fled to in his last days of madness, you can read the story here The Madness of King Merlin . And Inkpen is named after the village of Inkpen which has Arthurian connexions, more (scant) info at InkpenVillage . 

They have become the best of friends and do everything together.

They love their capacious new cage, known as "Corvid Towers", and if anything happens to frighten them, they rush to go back in, or hide underneath it!

They can now both help themselves to food in their bowl, but still clamour for spoon feeding with the tiny silver coffee spoon they have come to love so much!

Looking forward

Posted by merlintherook on March 31, 2010 at 3:47 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, Merlin does seem to be well and truly gone, I'm missing him every time I hear rooks, especially rooks at mum and dads rookery because they sound so much exactly like him, in fact one of them might even BE him. We just have to hope he's doing ok in his new life, whatever it is.

Rook sunday is on it's way and we don't know how many branchies are going to need our help yet but there's bound to be a few at least.

Having Merlin has been a very intense learning experience for us and we now know a lot more about rook kind and living with rooks than we ever thought we would, it will help with any rooks we have to care for in the future.

Of course none of the rooks we have in the future will be quite like Merlin, he was special, but there is still that slim hope that we may see him again soon to hang on to.


Merlin Gone

Posted by merlintherook on March 19, 2010 at 7:34 AM Comments comments (0)

Merlin has gone.

He hasnt been in the house the last 2 nights and hasnt been seen or heard from.

As he has never slept outside the house and we arent sure if he can even feed himself it looks like we will never see him again.

He was a lovely rook, we will miss him.

Bye bye Merlin.


I think Josh's entry about Merlin's departure was a little on thenegative side. He can feed himself, I saw him selecting insects fromamongst moss on the roof tiles just the other day, and now the frostsare over there is no reason why he shouldn't survive a night outdoors.He has recently spent time away from the farm on about three or fouroccasions and been missing for up to four hours. Before the rooksreturned en masse to the rookery, he was visited on several occasionsby a lone rook, who at the time he seemed to take little interest in.As time has gone on and the frantic romantics amongst the trees havebecome increasingly desperate, I believe his hormones have finallytaken over and he has gone off to do what rooks do! We can only hopethat one day he will return, even if only on a passing visit. Jo .

Right, Ok, if you say so Mum, I'm a little more inclined to think that we will never see him again, especially if he hasnt even popped in for cheese or egg in five days! Josh.

I feel certain Merlin has gone to find a mate and this was always the risk we took in letting him fly free, but I feel it was the right thing to do in his case.  I am at present preparing for any babies that may need help this year, particularly as we now have access to the foot of many more of the rookery trees. Jo

Thanks everyone for the sympathetic messages on FB. See "Merlin AWOL" in forums for a proper farewell note. Josh :(

Poet Calling

Posted by merlintherook on February 28, 2010 at 4:54 AM Comments comments (0)

We have heard alot from Poet recently, it seems at least two or three times a week now a lone jackdaw will call to us from the rookery persistently, and of course there's only one person it could be.

Yesterday he was calling to us when we were outside and then I came inside and sat on the computer and I'm sure I saw him land on the chimney pot in the back yard, I was about to take a photo of him, but as soon as he had landed merlin jumped up there and chased him away.

He seems to call to merlin as much as he does me and mum when he is around, merlin does seem to answer him but it doesnt seem to be in very polite terms!!

Merlin has been more irritating than usual of late, he recently had a phase of not going into the cage for lunch and he had to be chased in there with the broom every day, he seems to be getting over it now, the snow didnt help as he had the added excuse that the front garden outside his cage "looked wrong" and it wasnt supposed to be like that!

Birds are very sensetive to these things, especially stroppy teenaged birds!!!


Unidentified Rook/crow thingy!

Posted by merlintherook on November 6, 2009 at 12:49 PM Comments comments (8)

This is an unidentified rook/crow thingy I saw this week at lynnsport, kings lynn.

I've seen it there before but I didnt have the camera on me,

These photo's are truly terrible, but the zoom on the camera tends to make things look blurry and I couldnt get any closer......

It looks a bit like the shape of a rook, it definitely hasnt got a sear (yet?) it has a black body and white wings!!

It's really pretty, It's definitely a crow or rook of some type because it is nothing like the shape of a magpie.

Has anyone else seen anything at all similar?

(sorry about the awful photo's, I will try and get better ones if I see it again!)


life in the mad house

Posted by merlintherook on October 3, 2009 at 8:48 AM Comments comments (0)
Magic seems to be settling in well. He is presently living in a large dog cage which is in front of the living room window. I didn't want to leave him out in the caravan where he was at first as it is getting very cold up here in the far north.
He is eating well, in fact I'm astonished at just how much he can gobble down!! He seems to love dry hedgehog food which I dampen first, tinned cat food, tuna, and some of the things from a bag of parrot food which was all I could get at short notice!
Is there anything which I should definately NOT feed him?
He drinks well and I am putting antibiotics in his water due to his wing injury but as the injury wasn't fresh when I found him a week ago, I feel the risk of infection now is low. I didn't take him to the vet initially as I really felt he would die if not that night then from shock at being transported and handled but looking at the injury I think it is too old to treat successfully now.
He seems to enjoy his Reiki healing which I do from a distance, it seems to calm him.
He seems healthy now apart from the wing, when he wakes up he has a big stretch, some food and water and then a quick preen, which seems to me to be normal healthy behaviour? It certainly is with most other animals.
He is much more relaxed and although won't take food from my hand yet is quite happy to hop onto the floor of his cage and eat/drink or just generally watch this mad human whereas just a couple of days ago I had to move right away from the cage before he would eat.
 He isn't at all bothered by the dogs but does make a racket when he sees the cat out the window. He's pretty quiet most of the time apart from quiet clicks and chatters.
If anyone has any advice that might help me make life as pleasant as possible for Magic it would be gratefully recieved!!
I'm sure Magic will have something to say for himself soon!

O! for the wings.....

Posted by merlintherook on September 19, 2009 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, Merlins feathers have grown properly this year and he is flying all over the place!

Poet is settling in very well and they are getting on better all the time, sometimes they fly around together, I will try to get some video of them together up here.

Merlin still gives Poet a hard time if he gets too close but Poet is getting better at putting up with it.

No real talking has developed as yet, Poet just says ciao! and Merlin seems to prefer "Ararat", which he says all the time especially when he's angry, don't know if thats because he's got a thing about olive branches and ark's etc. etc.!?!

Parrots often do not talk for a long time and then they begin to say all sorts of stuff, Merlin might be like that, he still makes "Thorn" (my little black dog) noises sometimes.


The call to parliament

Posted by merlintherook on August 3, 2009 at 6:44 AM Comments comments (0)

Esme has flown off, so I doubt that the Hag will be blogging about her here now!

We hope she's ok, The Hag said that she has met up with some other rooks, about four or five and they are somewhere in the area! It seems like they are all new friends and they are getting on!

Oh well, we can only hope we see her again and that she is happy in whatever she is getting up to!


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