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to nest or not to nest?

Posted by savalmandy on May 26, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Hi to all you lovely corvie lovers out there. Sorry this post is so long over due but there has been some huge upheavals here and i have been thoroughly unsettled and not at all pleased with changes but as my human does try her best i am now feeling more content again.

That cheeky little upstart Lunar is still here, in my cage!! That bird annoys me so much, he is either demanding I feed him or is trying to pull out my tail feathers, he really does need to learn some proper manners! My human keeps telling me that he will be leaving soon but apparently She won't release him until he grows some proper tail feathers, maybe that's why he keeps trying to steal mine?!

My human has not been very happy, her youngest fledgling found himself a mate and flew the nest before christmas, I don't know why She should be unhappy about that, surely that's what they are meant to do right? And at the beginning of March her mate went out to work one morning and never came home. That upset me too cos I really liked Her mate, he was really nice and always shared his custard creams and toast with me and I liked to perch on his knee sometimes. His departure brought about far too many human visitors for my liking, hoards of them, in and out all the time, all of them upset, it was just too much for me so i took up permenant residence at the top of the cage and ignored most of them. Apparently Her mate has been laid to rest under the big cherry tree so he can watch the comings and goings of the wild rooks.

My human then went away too and left her oldest fledgling to care for me! Too much change!! She did come home again but I was so annoyed with her that I didn't talk to her at all for about a week and wouldn't give her any kisses for even longer than that! But I'm talking to her again now and give her lots of kisses especially when it's tomato soup for tea, I love tomato soup!! But it has to be on a spoon, how else are  you meant to eat soup? She keeps trying to take my photo when i'm eating my soup, I don't think that's very polite.

She says I must be properly grown up now, I'm 3 years old now, and i have been trying my beak at nest building for the past week or so. It's tricky work trying to get it just right and that little upstart Lunar keeps stealing all my nesting material so I have to start again. She says it's very nice to see me showing proper rook behaviour, that I must be feeling settled and happy again so i thought i would please Her even more by sitting in my new nest! Well all that's done is get her confused, She now can't decided if i am male or female, I don't see what difference it makes really as I am Just Me. Actually I get a bit fed up with the sitting in the nest bit, I get bored so i have to wander off and play with the toys for a while by which time Lunar has pulled my nest to  bits again.

I  have found a really great way of annoying my human. I always like to chuck my toys out of my cage but now I shove them all out down the back and they get wedged under the table where She can't get at them or i hide them where even She can't find them. she then mutters about the cost of keeping me in toys and how She thinks i should only have big toys that won't fit down the back of the cage but i don't like playing with the big toys so She mutters about buying them being a waste of money. She is so easy to wind up! One of my favourite occupations i have to say! (In my defense, Magic gets lots of toys to play with and I love watching him work out how to destroy something new or where he wants to hide it so Lunar doesn't get it but it's very disconcerting when you sit on your chair only to get poked in the backside by some toys he's buried under my cushion! )

It's been quiet outside for ages as the Rookery rooks have not been coming up this far from the village while hatching their clutches but it's getting noisier again now as the adult birds try to find enough food for their hungry babies. i can hear them all squawking and i like to answer them sometimes cos it confuses them. It's fun playing pranks on them. She has been quite worried about the wild rooks because it was still snowing here at the beginning of May and now we are having a heatwave! She thinks it can't be easy for the wild ones when the weather is going from one extreme to another but She says She is too far from the village to keep an eye on the wild fledglings and just has to hope that someone will bring any that need care up here.  She doesn't know now if She will be able to get a small outdoor aviary built and i have to say i am quite glad of that! I don't think I would like to spend time out there now, it would be scary but She says She wouldn't put me out there it would only be for other rescue birds so that I wouldn't have to share my indoor home with them.

Well I better go now and try and teach that upstart some manners, it's a never ending job but someone has to do it!

Hope you all have a lovely summer filled with the caws of healthy corvids.

Much love, Magic (and the upstart Lunar of course! lol)

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