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peace is restored

Posted by savalmandy on September 18, 2012 at 6:50 PM

hi guys, 

how are you all? Hope you all had a lovely summer even if there wasn't much sunshine.

I am a very pleased chap as that upstart Lunar has gone and life is once more peaceful. Apparently he got quite good at flying once he grew some tail feathers and is living with a group of rooks and jackdaws out on the farm. all I can say is "about time!" 

I have noticed some strange noises at the other end of the house, not rook squawks but jackdaw yelps. I don't know exactly what's going on through there but I suspect i'm not going to like it much when i find out. No sooner do i get my home to myself again than my human takes in another young hooligan, well she better not want to move it into my cage!

life has been quite nice since Lunar left. My human sits and chats to me, gives me lots of kisses and scratches. she does say it would be nice if I would come out of my house sometimes but no way, I know i am safe in here! Besides I know where all my toys are in here and there's not much I fancy out in the big space. I find that I actually quite like chatting to the humans that come and go when i am safely in my own cage.

Her eldest fledgling has his mate staying, apparently she flew a really long way across the Atlantic ocean! I don't know how she managed that but she's here to stay for a while. I like her, she talks to me, unfortunately she also talks to that cat but i guess nobody but me is perfect!

She got something new in the post today, she says it's a gauntlet for the new arrival. I think that's a bit worrying that she needs such a big glove, what kind of bird is coming here i wonder? Well as long as it lives outside I won't mind too much. She says she will have more time for birds because she doesn't have so many horses now, i really hope that doesn't mean she's planning lots of birds, surely i am all the bird She needs!?

Well She says she has another blog to type out for Jasmine, whoever Jasmine is so i better let her go and get it done.

Lots of rooky luv to you all. xx

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