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dan khene
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hi all.. im so deligted to find this site.2 weeks ago i found a baby rook that had fallen from the nest. there was also a dead baby rook beside it. i watched it for a few hours to see if the parents would feed it but it just sat there alone.i gave it some food and brought it home,i didnt expect it to live as previous attempts to save birds had always ended in failure but he is doing fine and has almost doulbled in size in the 2 weeks i have been caring for it.but now i am wondering what to do. should i bring it back to the rookerie and hope it will re-intergrate ?it cant fly yet so should i wait until it can?it seems to be quite tame now and will follow me around the garden and sit on my childrens lap. is it too tame to bring back? i want to do the right thing,, have to say im getting quite attatched to it also.. any advice please? im in Ireland and dont know of anywhere that can help..

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sounds great dan,

send a message to my mum - merlintherook - she'll help.

sounds like you may have had it a little too long for it to go free straight away but maybe in time it will, just depends on it's behaviour i suppose.

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Site Owner
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Hi Dan, I would definitely suggest that you keep caring for your rook as long as it needs you, to cope on it's own it will need to be flying proficiently, and finding it's own food, which can take time. My personal preference is that as with Merlin, and the little jackdaw, Poet, who was with us last summer, the birds decide for themselves when they want to go! Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Jo

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dan khene
Posts: 2

thanks all for the advice. rookie is doing well and has started making short flights around the garden. hes also exploring the ground and picking up sticks and things .hopefully he will be able to forage for food soon....

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hi dan, glad it's doing ok. well done for looking after it this far. It may just go back to the wild but if it's really really attatched to you it might be a good idea to clip it's wing's for this year to stop it getting into too much trouble (I think you just clip the two biggest feathers on each one - look it up on the net)and see how it feels next spring, this would give it better chances if you are worried about it.

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