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Rookery Rooks is a home for rescued rooks and other corvids near Swaffham in Norfolk.  It all began in 2008 when Merlin the Rook first came into our lives [see Merlin's story and videos].
Since then, a number of rooks, mostly from our own rookery [see rookery stories] have been looked after until they could make a successful return to the wild, and we have also been able to help some jackdaws and crows.
Our permanent resident here at The Rookery is Dizzy Gillespie the Kookaburra (See Dizzy's Story) who has now been joined by 3 Disabled Rooks, Clark from Lincolnshire, Lois from the Norfolk Coast, and Krypto who was rescued from a clump of nettles and brambles here at the Rookery, spring 2012! Whiffler the Owl has been successfully reared and returned to the wild (see videos)

On our blogs you will find news from here at the rookery, news from our friend The Hag and her corvid friends, and also news from our friends in the north, Magic and Mandy.

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Hi Jo...Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for introducing me to Antony & the Johnsons :-) thanks Jo xxxxx (Sheila)