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Posted by merlintherook on January 3, 2015 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (2)

2014 has been an eventful time here at the Rookery. Early in the year we adopted two special needs tawny owls from a sanctuary. They had been injured in car accidents as fledglings and were taken to Wing and a Prayer. Once they had recovered, it was discovered that they both had brain damage and they were homed as pets. A couple of years later they were taken to a different sanctuary when their owner moved to London, and from there they came on to us. At the beginning of May they were joined by two baby tawnies who were successfully raised and released. They still visit regularly, perching in the cherry tree which overlooks our smart new owl aviary and hooting to their old friends.

Three rooks were successfully raised and released, plus Byzantia from last year once she had a full set of new feathers. Blackberry, who came from the Swaffham rookery in May, will be unable to go forth until next year due to poor feathers. Fortunately she has formed a very close bond with Dizzy the kookaburra!

Clark Kent and Lana Lang, our two non flying rooks, continue to enjoy a happy and settled routine together.

Branchie Season '14

Posted by merlintherook on May 6, 2014 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone   : very busy time here at the rookery! as of now we have larna lang, clark kent and byzantium all grown up, byzantium is just waiting to get her proper feathers before she goes bye bye. and 2 more branchies have just arrived, inkling and darko, who are very demanding, inkling keeps cawing for food even when she's not hungry which is very annoying, and we just found 2 little orphaned tawny owls in the wood yesterday, burble and tulgy, they look like furbys at the moment! plus we have my grown up disabled tawny's, mimsy and borogrove! and of course dizzy the kookaburra! phew! too many birds to put photo's on the blog, I will do an album sometime later in the season.


Autumn 2013

Posted by merlintherook on November 10, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (2)

Cromarty left us in September, with rooks who came to us from Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.  The rook formerly known as Krypto fell in love with Clark Kent and has been renamed Lana Lang, they have a lovey dovey session every morning after breakfast with much crooning and beak kissing.

Staying with us till next year is Byzantia, who can't fly very well at the moment, but will be able to once she grows her next set of feathers.   Dizzy has been quite the rookaburra Daddy and even tried to help with feeding young rooks by flying over to them with his breakfast mouse!

(on the shipping forecast theme appropriately enough we have had Forth who didn't go forth but actually went back as she wouldn't leave the aviary and had to be sent back to David and By by who didn't go bye bye but has had to come into the house! (ed))

see Photo's on (ed)

We had a family outing to Buckenham Carrs on Hallowe'en to see the rooks roosting, a magical experience.

see video at (ed)

Baby Birds 2013

Posted by merlintherook on May 28, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This year we have only one rookling, she came from the rookery here, and has been called Cromarty.  Last Saturday, she came to London with us, and was guest of honour at Daughter Holly's marriage.

On Sunday, 4 orphan magpies arrived who were rescued after their nest had been shot to bits and their parents killed.   They are lovely little birds and will hopefully have a safe future here on our land.

Happy Xmas!

Posted by merlintherook on December 25, 2012 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (1)
"and the rooks were singing out for christmas day!......"

Peace, Shalom, Namaste to all our friends all over the world!!!!

hi everyone

Posted by savalmandy on September 18, 2012 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello corvid friends, my name is Jasmine and I live with Magic's human.

Actually I live in her nest, I have the whole space to myself which is great because I can make a lot of mess, wander about all day and not get the slightest bit bored in here!!

i better tell you how I ended up here before I start chatting on. I was minding my own business with my parents. We had just made me second or third flight to the farm and i was getting the hang of things when a shadow went over me and I was grabbed by the wing! I was so scared, my parents were shouting and flapping and a pair of lapwings joined in the noise and commotion. I don't remember much but I was told that a sparrow hawk grabbed me for dinner! I just remember the pain in my wing and head and being lifted into the air by my wing feathers. It carried me halfway across the field but the lapwings and my parents harrassed it so much that it dropped me and thankfully the human had seen what happened and picked me up.

She says the damage to my wing was really bad, that she could see the bones and tendons and there wasn't much skin left there or on my head. She was very worried about infection and got me all cleaned up really quickly, banadaged up my wing, shoved some found down me and popped me in a box until the next day. Well the box didn't hold me long! By the next day i had got over the shock, was ready for more food and didn't like the bandage! Although i was really hungry i didn't know how to feed myself properly, well i was only a baby, so she had to feed me for a couple of days but I didn't like that much and soon learned how to feed myself. At that point She was still talking about releasing me when I was better and so She didn't put me in a cage so that i could learn all the natural stuff i would need when i went back to the wild.

Well the open wound had healed really, really well but unfortunately that hawk smashed one of the bones in my wing and I can't fly so i get to stay here forever but there is no way She is shoving me in a cage! She tries to tell me I don't need to stay in one all the time but I don't think I need to be in one at all thanks! I like my freedom too much. I really like jumping onto the bed and giving her a fright in the early morning! I was say on her shoulder when she woke this morning, mind you we both got a fright when she woke up and so I leapt off pretty quickly. She says there is a lovely rook in the other room and I can live him if i want but I am happy where i am right now. She says I need to get hand tame if I want to stay in the house so I take mealworms from her hand but I haven't decided if I really want to sit on her arm yet, we'll see how things go.

She says i am adorable and that I make her smile with my antics but really I am just busy playing with all the lovely stuff I find in here. I have a real appetite for knowledge you know, She doesn't agree and tells me that eating books is not good but i love the noise paper makes when you rip it. I like perching on the end of the bed, I get a good view out the window from there and can tease the cat when it's sat on the outside of the window sill, that is one of my favourite games. I like following her when she cleans up after me and pinch the roll of tissue, she always tries to get it back tho. I like stealing Her pens and her scrunchies and her jewellery, so many pretty things to play with in here that i don't think I need to go and live with the rook in the other room.

nice to meet you all and i will come back and chat to you all again sometime soon xx

peace is restored

Posted by savalmandy on September 18, 2012 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

hi guys, 

how are you all? Hope you all had a lovely summer even if there wasn't much sunshine.

I am a very pleased chap as that upstart Lunar has gone and life is once more peaceful. Apparently he got quite good at flying once he grew some tail feathers and is living with a group of rooks and jackdaws out on the farm. all I can say is "about time!" 

I have noticed some strange noises at the other end of the house, not rook squawks but jackdaw yelps. I don't know exactly what's going on through there but I suspect i'm not going to like it much when i find out. No sooner do i get my home to myself again than my human takes in another young hooligan, well she better not want to move it into my cage!

life has been quite nice since Lunar left. My human sits and chats to me, gives me lots of kisses and scratches. she does say it would be nice if I would come out of my house sometimes but no way, I know i am safe in here! Besides I know where all my toys are in here and there's not much I fancy out in the big space. I find that I actually quite like chatting to the humans that come and go when i am safely in my own cage.

Her eldest fledgling has his mate staying, apparently she flew a really long way across the Atlantic ocean! I don't know how she managed that but she's here to stay for a while. I like her, she talks to me, unfortunately she also talks to that cat but i guess nobody but me is perfect!

She got something new in the post today, she says it's a gauntlet for the new arrival. I think that's a bit worrying that she needs such a big glove, what kind of bird is coming here i wonder? Well as long as it lives outside I won't mind too much. She says she will have more time for birds because she doesn't have so many horses now, i really hope that doesn't mean she's planning lots of birds, surely i am all the bird She needs!?

Well She says she has another blog to type out for Jasmine, whoever Jasmine is so i better let her go and get it done.

Lots of rooky luv to you all. xx

Fully Fledged (2012)

Posted by merlintherook on September 16, 2012 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

This year we had 4 early rook releases, Shelby from our own rookery, Sanchez from a neighbouring village, and 2 more from Lincolnshire. 

They all spent several weeks living in the cherry tree next to the farmhouse, and then gradually integrated with the flock.

Joining house rooks Clark & Lois, we have Krypto, who was found in a bramble bush looking very poorly indeed. He was not expected to survive, but against all odds he has, and although unable to fly he has a happy, permanent home here at the Rookery with Clark, Lois & Dizzy the Kookaburra.   A lovely little jackdaw came to us from Em and after a short spell in the aviary, quickly made friends with the local jackdaws and was able to go forth, she still visits occasionally.

Three very scruffy young rooks were brought in from Lincolnshire for release, but one couldn't fly at all and the other two had very poor wing feathers, So they were taken in by Pact Animal Sanctuary, who have a wonderful new wildlife department where they have settled in to their spacious aviary with gulls and pigeons as next door neighbours.

Whiffler the owl is often heard and even occasionally glimpsed in the dark around the garden hooting & hunting and doing what owls do!

to nest or not to nest?

Posted by savalmandy on May 26, 2012 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi to all you lovely corvie lovers out there. Sorry this post is so long over due but there has been some huge upheavals here and i have been thoroughly unsettled and not at all pleased with changes but as my human does try her best i am now feeling more content again.

That cheeky little upstart Lunar is still here, in my cage!! That bird annoys me so much, he is either demanding I feed him or is trying to pull out my tail feathers, he really does need to learn some proper manners! My human keeps telling me that he will be leaving soon but apparently She won't release him until he grows some proper tail feathers, maybe that's why he keeps trying to steal mine?!

My human has not been very happy, her youngest fledgling found himself a mate and flew the nest before christmas, I don't know why She should be unhappy about that, surely that's what they are meant to do right? And at the beginning of March her mate went out to work one morning and never came home. That upset me too cos I really liked Her mate, he was really nice and always shared his custard creams and toast with me and I liked to perch on his knee sometimes. His departure brought about far too many human visitors for my liking, hoards of them, in and out all the time, all of them upset, it was just too much for me so i took up permenant residence at the top of the cage and ignored most of them. Apparently Her mate has been laid to rest under the big cherry tree so he can watch the comings and goings of the wild rooks.

My human then went away too and left her oldest fledgling to care for me! Too much change!! She did come home again but I was so annoyed with her that I didn't talk to her at all for about a week and wouldn't give her any kisses for even longer than that! But I'm talking to her again now and give her lots of kisses especially when it's tomato soup for tea, I love tomato soup!! But it has to be on a spoon, how else are  you meant to eat soup? She keeps trying to take my photo when i'm eating my soup, I don't think that's very polite.

She says I must be properly grown up now, I'm 3 years old now, and i have been trying my beak at nest building for the past week or so. It's tricky work trying to get it just right and that little upstart Lunar keeps stealing all my nesting material so I have to start again. She says it's very nice to see me showing proper rook behaviour, that I must be feeling settled and happy again so i thought i would please Her even more by sitting in my new nest! Well all that's done is get her confused, She now can't decided if i am male or female, I don't see what difference it makes really as I am Just Me. Actually I get a bit fed up with the sitting in the nest bit, I get bored so i have to wander off and play with the toys for a while by which time Lunar has pulled my nest to  bits again.

I  have found a really great way of annoying my human. I always like to chuck my toys out of my cage but now I shove them all out down the back and they get wedged under the table where She can't get at them or i hide them where even She can't find them. she then mutters about the cost of keeping me in toys and how She thinks i should only have big toys that won't fit down the back of the cage but i don't like playing with the big toys so She mutters about buying them being a waste of money. She is so easy to wind up! One of my favourite occupations i have to say! (In my defense, Magic gets lots of toys to play with and I love watching him work out how to destroy something new or where he wants to hide it so Lunar doesn't get it but it's very disconcerting when you sit on your chair only to get poked in the backside by some toys he's buried under my cushion! )

It's been quiet outside for ages as the Rookery rooks have not been coming up this far from the village while hatching their clutches but it's getting noisier again now as the adult birds try to find enough food for their hungry babies. i can hear them all squawking and i like to answer them sometimes cos it confuses them. It's fun playing pranks on them. She has been quite worried about the wild rooks because it was still snowing here at the beginning of May and now we are having a heatwave! She thinks it can't be easy for the wild ones when the weather is going from one extreme to another but She says She is too far from the village to keep an eye on the wild fledglings and just has to hope that someone will bring any that need care up here.  She doesn't know now if She will be able to get a small outdoor aviary built and i have to say i am quite glad of that! I don't think I would like to spend time out there now, it would be scary but She says She wouldn't put me out there it would only be for other rescue birds so that I wouldn't have to share my indoor home with them.

Well I better go now and try and teach that upstart some manners, it's a never ending job but someone has to do it!

Hope you all have a lovely summer filled with the caws of healthy corvids.

Much love, Magic (and the upstart Lunar of course! lol)

Early Branchie season 2012

Posted by merlintherook on May 7, 2012 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (1)

This year we have large, healthy Branchies, who fledged very early & are now learning to fly.

3 that I found on the ground made a quick recovery and were able to return to the lower branches of the poplars where their parents came to feed them and help them back to the treetops.

A 4th rookling is unable to fly and is settling into life around the house with Dizzy, Clark and Lois.

We also have a baby Owlet as yet nowhere near fledging but with a very healthy appetite!


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