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Autumn 2013

Posted by merlintherook on November 10, 2013 at 1:10 PM

Cromarty left us in September, with rooks who came to us from Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.  The rook formerly known as Krypto fell in love with Clark Kent and has been renamed Lana Lang, they have a lovey dovey session every morning after breakfast with much crooning and beak kissing.

Staying with us till next year is Byzantia, who can't fly very well at the moment, but will be able to once she grows her next set of feathers.   Dizzy has been quite the rookaburra Daddy and even tried to help with feeding young rooks by flying over to them with his breakfast mouse!

(on the shipping forecast theme appropriately enough we have had Forth who didn't go forth but actually went back as she wouldn't leave the aviary and had to be sent back to David and By by who didn't go bye bye but has had to come into the house! (ed))

see Photo's on (ed)

We had a family outing to Buckenham Carrs on Hallowe'en to see the rooks roosting, a magical experience.

see video at (ed)

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Reply Arianna (Jadyn's Mum)
9:38 AM on November 12, 2013 
Hi, hi!! This is Jadyn's Mum.. I have a few birdies this branchie season!! I have a European Starling (He's awesome, 2.5 years old.. but this season I wound up with a Mockingbird AND A Robin!! They both survived, but they were really really bonded to me.. so they are all my babies.. They love love love the crickets, wax worms, red worms and mealy worms I feed them, along with their kitten formula (meat first ingredient) plus lots of fruits.. They are AMAZING!! Well, a Lady from England came here, and she saw my robin and it started a whole convo.. I sent her to you, she had a raven she kept I believe she said over 30 years? Not sure, I can't remember, but she got her? when she was a baby, and she was a teen, and she's I guess over 40.. said her baby died months ago and she was devistated.. Well I sent her to this website. She's raised a raven and kept it alive that long? I figured that she could help you out if you had any extra branchies.. she cried when she talked about her baby.. she bought only the best meats for it.. Maybe you both could help each other out.. she's fully experienced.. and is mourning one badly.. I DO hope she has contacted you.. I wrote your website down for her.. She said she was going to be back in England I guess probably about 3 months ago.. She stayed at the motel I work at.. If she's contacted you, I'd be MOST grateful if I could get her email address.. Thank you so much... Ari
Reply IrinaAlato
8:36 AM on July 9, 2018 
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