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If you're at a loose end, no nests to build, no crisps to cache or insects and snails to mess around with or wallpaper and carpets to tear up(I can't imagine why) or just desperate for something else to fiddle about with aimlessly then This is where you can find lots and lots of useless stuff, stuff and more stuff!!

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A Wizard Tale I've got to walk round this silly castle now and find books and a princess...

(slaying the dragon is HARD! I've got repetetive strain injury from all that pecking!) 


Penguins walking around they do anything else? erm, no. 


 A Fishtank not as good as a real one but a lot less trouble.

 There are just so many birdbrained things to mess around on that the birdbrained humans have had to build me another site just for games!  click here to go to Merlins Games!


Angelina (the sound of merlintherook)

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